Tom Hiddleston and his "puppy eyes"


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"Show ‘em what you got, buddy" (x)

They based Hiro off of Hiccup. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

me neither

Let’s see…
Hiccup is a dork. Hiro is a dork.
Hiccup is an inventor. Hiro is an inventor.
Hiccup is a nerd. Hiro is a nerd.
Hiccup flies on Toothless. Hiro flies on Baymax.
Hiccup says “Bud”. Hiro says “Buddy”.

Yes. They based him off of Hiccup. Disney knows that everyone loves Hiccup so they’re hoping everyone will love Hiro if he’s identical, like Sven and Toothless.

And now I’m going to get so much hate for criticising Disney this much xD

I’ve just watched the latest trailer for BH6 and I can’t help but say I agree.

I mean, ever since I’ve seen the first trailer for BH6 I’ve been thinking to myself “yes it’s probably going to be really good but it also feels like something I’ve seen before”

I mean the story and the elements of the story… I’m not saying it’s all HTTYD it reminds me of, but it’s definitely a factor.

I’m pretty sure BH6 is going to be decent and will strike certain chords with me, but on the other hand I have this weird aversion to it… it looks a bit too much for me, but I can’t really express what exactly it is. But this is no longer about the HTTYD comparison so imma shut up and get back to drawing.

They even have a Tuffnut (quite literally)



 I brought you back and sought you out to bring you home, brother.